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Spoiled - Heather Cocks, Jessica  Morgan Brooke Berlin, daughter of famous action movie actor/director/producer Brick Berlin, is determined to become a star, and she wants her birthday party to be the event that launches her on her way to stardom. So when she discovers that she has a long lost half sister, who's coming to live with her and Brick in Hollywood, but that Brick feels that the birthday party would be the perfect way to welcome Molly to their home (and introduce her to the world in a carefully orchestrated media event), she is less than pleased.

Not that being Molly Dix is easy. Having grown up in the Midwest with her mother and grandparents, she finds out her father's true identity on her mother's deathbed (cancer). Suddenly she has a super celebrity as her dad, and a sister she never knew about. Determined that her grandparents should get a chance at their around the world trip, she leaves her best friend, and small town boyfriend behind, to face the adventure that is Hollywood. Brooke seems super friendly and helpful at first, until Molly learns the hard way that her sister only really cares about herself.

Brick is determined that his daughters become friends, and orders them to share a room, and drive to school together every day. Brooke and entourage try to make Molly's existence in school as difficult as possible, but not everyone is wanting to side with Brooke. Teddy, the easy-going son of the principal, and his opinionated and rebellious little sister Max both seem to want to help Molly, and then there are Brooke's enemies, who are only too happy to offer Molly assistance in the escalating sibling feud.

I've been a huge fan of Heather and Jessica's work on Go Fug Yourself for years and years, so when I discovered that they'd written a YA novel, I didn't really hesitate to get it as soon as it was released in paperback. The book is funny, silly and just the right amount of over the top melodramatic (both the Fug girls are after all huge fans of soap operas). There's a ton of pop culture references in there, and one of my favourite things was all the various mentions of Brick Berlin's various movies over the years. As long as you're not looking for something deep and meaningful, Spoiled is highly entertaining, and I will be checking out the sequel when it's out in paperback next year.