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Grave Dance - Kalayna Price Looking at the plot synopsis from the cover blurb, it makes the book sound a bit lame. It's not. It's really very exciting, and if I hadn't had to do actual work, I would probably have read the whole book in one sitting, having the husband bring me food so I didn't have to waste precious reading time acquiring nutrition.

I really liked Grave Witch, where Alex Craft was introduced. In the sequel, Kalayna Price expands on the world she created, and lets the reader find out more about Alex' family and friends, the complicated hierarchy of the Fae, more about the soul stealers and complicates Alex' love life a whole lot more. Love triangles tend to either frustrate or bore me, but in the case of Alex, Falin and Death, I'm actually struggling to see who she should pick, as both guys are deeply intriguing and clearly care greatly for Alex, to the point where they will both do rather ill-advised things in order to prove their love for her.

This book is even more action packed and tense than the first one, and because I've already come to care a lot about all the central characters, the suspenseful scenes affected me even more. I now eagerly anticipate the third book in the series, which is out at the start of July.